Jewellery Services

Michael Rose - Jewellery Services in London

We have two beautiful boutiques located in the historic Burlington Arcade, London.

Having operated within the Burlington Arcade for 35 years, we have had the pleasure of dealing with a huge variety of clients and, as such, have assisted with every repair, query, or issue imaginable. Therefore, with our wealth of experience, we provide a wide range of services so that we can ensure that the process is as easy and straightforward for our clients as possible.

On-site Workshop

We are lucky enough to be one of the few jewellers in Mayfair with an on-site workshop, enabling us to complete repairs in a quick and efficient manner. The expert jewellers whom we work with produce some of the finest craftsmanship in the West End. We can assist you with issues such as the following: Bespoke commissions, remodelling older jewels, Resetting of gemstones, Ring resizing, Gold and rhodium plating, Polishing of metals and gemstones, Chain alterations, Jewellery repairs

Jewellery Repairs

We regularly assist our clients with tackling the wear and tear of their beloved jewels. Our jewellers are extremely talented and have succeeded in reviving countless tired pieces over the years that others have deemed beyond hope. Our repair services may include, but are not exclusive to: Ring reshaping, Chain repairs, Sourcing/resetting lost stones, Rebuilding claws to secure loose stones, Jewellery conversion, Remaking a lost matching pair (e.g.. earrings), Redesigning or remodelling (see our bespoke services)

Specialist Repairs

Some pieces of jewellery require a more specialist touch, and our extensive professional network allows us to ensure that your piece is seen by the relevant expert. Such as gemstone cutting and polishing, antique jewellery restoration, enamel repairs, pearl stringing and opal repairs.


We offer an engraving service for silver, gold and semi-precious stones. Our engravers can translate even the most complex image into an engraving suitable for the item in question.

  • Seal engravings for signet rings or cufflinks are hand carved by extraordinarily gifted individuals - a dying art in these modern times. This is a deeper engraving, traditionally in reverse, and may be suitable for a family crest or monogram.
  • Surface engravings are slightly more shallow, primarily used for text inscriptions and some crests. These can be done by hand or by machine.

Watch Repairs

We are able to provide the following watch and timepiece services:

  • Watch battery replacement
  • Pocket watch repairs
  • Watch servicing


It is worth noting that different types of valuations will produce a different numerical value, as they have a different purpose. We can assist you with valuations for:

  • Insurance (replacement value)
  • Probate (scrap value)

These involve detailed descriptions of the item, including stone measurement and assessment, and therefore cannot be produced ‘on the spot’. Valuations are £35 + 1% the total item value, and if we are renewing a previous valuation it is £35 + 1% value difference.

  • On-site Workshop
  • Bespoke Commissions
  • Silver Restoration
  • Antique & Vintage Jewellery Restoration
  • Enamel Repairs
  • Diamond & Gemstone Cutting and Polishing Service
  • Part Exchange

For anything that has not been covered in the sections above - please do get in touch to discuss your requirements. Each piece of jewellery is unique and treated with care and consideration.