Bespoke Commissions

The Bespoke Experience

In addition to our extensive jewellery collection, sometimes a more bespoke process is appropriate.

You may have been given or have inherited something that isn’t quite to your taste. Or your style may have developed since you first made your selection, and now you’re ready for a change. Perhaps you’re looking for something specific, but you can’t find it anywhere. Sound familiar? At Michael Rose, we can work with you, alongside a team of experienced and expert jewellers, to create jewellery that suits your practical and stylistic requirements.

Whether it is reworking an existing piece, or designing and crafting an item from scratch, we can make your jewellery dreams become a reality. Our knowledgeable team are on hand to guide and advise you throughout this process, from initial enquiries through to taking your exciting new commission home!

Michael Rose - Bespoke Jewellery LondonMichael Rose - Bespoke Jewellery London

Each process is unique, but if you choose to embark on a bespoke experience with us, you will be looked after from start to finish. The journey begins with a primary consultation, where you will discuss your requirements, and we aim to uncover your stylistic preferences and personality. Understanding who you are, is key to helping us work together to create the perfect piece of jewellery for you.

Whether that is drawing on any existing pieces in our showroom or images that you’ve seen online, we will identify the designs you are looking for.

Following on from this consultation, if you are undecided on some of the details, we can provide you with detailed sketches of up to three options to help you visualise your piece and facilitate your decision. Secondly, if your piece necessitates it, we can assist you with selecting the perfect gems. Having discussed your requirements, we will invite you to a further consultation where we can provide you with a collection of stones to view. Here, you will have the opportunity to appreciate the difference between colour, clarity, cut and carat weight options of diamonds and coloured stones. Having worked in the jewellery trade for over 45 years, Michael Rose has developed extensive connections with stone dealers from all over the globe, so you can expect to some of view the finest stones from locations such as Israel, India and Sri Lanka.

Finally, once the design and gem stones have been finalised, your jewellery will be crafted, by hand, by our expert jewellers. This may involve complicated metal work, stone cutting, setting and polishing to name but a few elements of this process. Upon completion, you will be offered the option of a hand painted keepsake depicting a 3-angle view of your new treasure.

Bespoke 3 ring view

Having operated within the Burlington Arcade for 35 years, we have had the pleasure of dealing with a huge variety of clients and, as such, have assisted with every repair, query, or issue imaginable. Therefore, with our wealth of experience, we provide a wide range of services so that we can ensure that the process is as easy and straightforward for our clients as possible.