Our Christmas Gift Guide

Our Christmas Gift Guide

Not sure what to get them this Christmas? Look no further than this handy guide to help you!


Earrings are always a winner; easy to wear, you can’t get the size wrong and so many different choices. We have a range of diamond studs which are a timeless classic and you really can’t go wrong. If you think you know them a bit more than we have many beautiful and different earrings ranging from Edwardian diamond drops to a simple pearl stud. If you do decide to go for earrings, were confident they’ll love them! Shop our earrings here

TIP: Have a look at past photographs of them and what style they usually opt for!



A simple yet beautiful present that works every time. Perhaps include their birthstone to add some more thought? We would suggest getting a gage of their wrists and what suits them. It’s important to remember what they already have! Missing an emerald from their collection? You’re already half way there! Shop our bracelets here

Tie Pin

The debonair accessory of the season! Something that is fun and you can really personalise. We have a number of more whacky tie pins that is perfect for the eccentric! Both men and women can sport the tie pin - it really lifts any outfit! Perhaps as a stocking filler? Shop our tie pins here


Simple and often most appreciated. A necklace is a lovely present, especially for a loved one where it can sit close to their heart. Nobody can have too many necklaces - you just need more jewellery boxes! This one is perfect as it doesn’t require knowing a size. We recommend to have a look at what they usually wear. Gold or silver? Dainty or bold? These are important things to look out for. We would always recommend a pear on pear necklace if you’re unsure. Opt for two diamonds next to each other or perhaps a multi-gem style? Shop our necklaces here


Cufflinks are a very personal present - they often represent the person so think about this when choosing? Do they often wear things with a bit of sparkle? Why not some of our diamond cufflinks then? Or sometimes just a simple style works! We have ladybirds, parrots, dogs and horses! Cufflinks are a fun present which they’ll always appreciate. Shop our cufflinks here


A brooch is an upcoming accessory which nobody can ever have enough of! A simple way to elevate an outfit which we see all the time on Kate Middleton. Brooches are fun and can be very personal - the Queen often pairs her brooches with the occasions! A beautiful and definitely appreciated present in our books. Shop our brooches here
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